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Our Story


Hi! I’m Amanda, and this is my family!

All of this was initially created for THEM. I didn’t know where it would go or how it would expand, but many of the grandest things in life happen that way. I am incredibly grateful.


So, let’s start at the beginning.

When the kids were little, I quickly realized that everything I put on, in and around these little humans affected them. It became my mission to support them, and their spaces, with foods and products that nurtured their body.


This took a ton of time and research, because believe it or not, not all products have the greatest of intentions.

Thankfully, my journey collided with Young Living, and soon our home was filled with diffusers, essential oils, plant based cleaning products and more.


Now it is all they know.


Meanwhile, I went from a bystander/ Mama Bear, investing in my children’s health to a full blown advocate, for my own health, too!  Mind, emotions, body and spirit.


That is when my passion grew into a purpose. It was no longer only about getting some good products in my home that I knew I could trust, (and that were delivered right to my doorstep!) and it became about making that available to others. 


Advocating for the wellness of MANY. Holding space for MANY people to claim wellness.
To help people swap out products that are filled with toxins for products that support their body, their family and their home.
To help people know that there is a different way.
To help people realize they deserve to be well and they deserve to take the self care actions to get there.
To help people by guiding them to an easy way to start.
To help people learn to help other people.

To help people make this a life changing business.


That’s why this community is here::  Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

That’s why I am glad YOU are here!

Living with LOVE and moving with VALOR.

 Amanda Brunngraeber


5 Fun Facts About Amanda

  • I live on a farm/homestead in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  • I used to work as a manager at the stinkiest store in the mall (You know it.) - Ugh, but it taught me a lot about products, customer service, sales AND filled me with passion for advocating against toxins.

  • I love being home, but I also love a good adventure.

  • I am incredibly grateful for my healing journey, and believe that healing is a lifelong pursuit.

  • You can find me reading a book with a cup of tea, designing something for our home, outside in nature with my family, or snuggling up with an animal. 

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