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Back to School Essentials

Back to school can be a crazy transition. Exciting, nerve wracking and filled with all sorts of newness.

So, supporting wellness is CRITICAL during the first few weeks (and months!) of this new season.


Sure, this one is a no brainer. The immune system is put to the test the first few weeks back. That’s okay, when you know how to support it. Super C, ningxia, and kids scents unwind (magnesium!) are powerful supports for the immune system. Using the thieves roller on the bottom of the feet at night is also powerful.

Also, make sure to send thieves hand sanitizer along!


Encouraging everyone to acknowledge and support their emotional wellness is really important this time of year! Stress away, kidpower, and white angelica are a few of our staples for back to school.

Teaching your kids to recognize their emotions is HUGE. Show them how to name the emotion, and breathe in the oils to help support themselves.

Don’t forget yourself! This season is a transition for you too!


Here are some recipes and a wishlist to help create your back to school wellness toolbox.

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