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Business Enhancements for the USA + Canada!

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Big enhancements to the Fast Start Bonus and Loyalty Rewards started Tuesday, November 1!

These enhancements will make it simpler to get people started on Loyalty Rewards, share wellness through Young Living, and maximize earning potential.

These enhancements came as we asked ourselves how we could best support you. You've taken it upon yourself to create a life of wellness, purpose, and abundance for you and your family. We want to partner with you as you share that passion and ignite it in others. That's why we're introducing three big enhancements by way of a simplified sharing model we've designed to positively impact your business building and help each new Brand Partner you enroll get started on the right foot! Using this model will make it easier than ever to start, share, and succeed with Young Living.

Here's how:

Reminder: The Fast Start Bonus happens on months 1-2-3 for the enroller of a new enrollment.

  • Fast start month one: The enroller now earns 50% in the first month! (previously 25%) The enroller only needs to be a brand partner to qualify for this bonus. This bonus is paid out on any new order from a personal enrollment.

  • Fast start months 2-3: The enroller still earns 25% in months 2-3 (same as before). The enroller only needs to be a brand partner to qualify for this bonus.This bonus is paid out on any new order from a personal enrollment.

  • The $25 bundle bonus is staying around and available on all starter bundles.

  • Loyalty Rewards/Essential Rewards Diffuser Freebie : Customers can now earn a FREE desert mist diffuser with their second loyalty rewards/essential rewards order. It will ship with their order!

  • New bundles : New bundles are launching in both the USA + Canada. USA: New Thieves bundle + a new oil bundle. Canada has a new oil bundle. The current bundles will not be going away. NOTE FOR USA MEMBERS: The two new bundles will be able to be easily added to LR without any work arounds needed.



It's easier than ever to get others started as Young Living Brand Partners, especially with the new Loyalty Rewards enrollment kits we're rolling out for the U.S. and Canada to add to our current lineup of starter kits. These brand-new kits help enrollees easily take advantage of Loyalty Rewards by adding this quick, easy, Loyalty Rewards-eligible item to their cart.

In the U.S., we're introducing the Premium Aroma Loyalty Bundle (wholesale $135 USD, PV 100), which includes top oils for whole-body and whole-home harmony, and the Thieves Home Loyalty Bundle (wholesale $160 USD, PV 100), which is a great introduction to our beloved Thieves lines. In Canada, we're rolling out the Premium Aroma Essential Rewards Starter Bundle (wholesale $165 CAD, PV 100), which also features a lineup of our bestselling premium oils. All three bundles are eligible from the time of enrollment for Loyalty Rewards, or monthly Essential Rewards orders in Canada, and earn you, the enroller, a $25 enrollment bonus.


Sharing wellness is the gift that keeps on giving! That's why we've enhanced the Fast Start Bonus, so you—and those you enroll—can earn even greater rewards* with a more generous payout. Starting with the first month, first-level enrollers can receive a 50 percent bonus of each of their enrollees' orders, as well as the $25 Starter Bundle Bonus (USD) when someone enrolls with a qualifying bundle. To get the most out of this change, focus on helping two new people get started on their journey each month.


As you continue sharing your passion, you'll inspire and empower others along the way to do the same. To keep up the energy and excitement of those first months as a Brand Partner, we're adding another reward: Your new enrollee will receive a free Desert Mist Diffuser when they place a second 50+ PV loyalty order. Additionally, the two- and three-month Fast Start Bonus payouts will remain the same, with up to 25 percent going to the first qualified Brand Partner enroller and 10 percent going to the second qualified Brand Partner enroller.

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