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Easy Winter Swaps

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

One of the reasons we love Young Living is we can get all the cozy, seasonal vibes without any of the toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on our bodies. Let's share that love with our friends and families!! Here are three simple swaps you can make for the winter season!

It's no secret that small, daily actions are the key to making positive changes. Doing good things consistently makes a huge impact, so here are three simple swaps you can make this season to move towards a more natural lifestyle.

Super C Chewables for Vitamin C packets

Ditch the sugar and artificial-ingredient laden immune packets for Young Living's whole food Super C Chewable tablets. This fan favorite supplement helps support immune and respiratory health with a blend of camu camu, acerola, cherry, and rose hip fruit powder and Orange essential oil, which all work together to promote health, vitality, and longevity!

Pine or Evergreen Essence Essential Oils for candles & fragrances

Pine is a wonderful emotional oil when it comes to presence and grounding, and it is also an immune powerhouse as well! Folklore touts pine needle tea as a great health habit in the winter, so we are stocking up on this one for sure. Evergreen Essence is a wonderful blend of conifer oils, including multiple varieties of Pine!

  • Add 20 drops of Pine to your daily wellness roller with Thieves, diffuse with Lemon, Thieves, Orange or other citrus oil, add 5 drops to Epsom salts for a detox bath. Just get this oil on and around your body as much as possible!

  • Use Pine in your cleaning DIYs, add 15 drops to Thieves Household Cleaner, and add to your linen sprays.

Thieves Chest Rub for over the counter cough and cold rubs

A must-have for every medicine cabinet, Thieves Chest Rub is a 100% plant-based alternative for over-the-counter cough and congestion relief. This natural chest rub soothes sniffles, coughs, and congestion for the whole family with a powerful blend of essential oils and natural ingredients. Plus the super easy to use bottle doesn't even require you to get your hands messy!! Pure ingredients and all the power of Thieves kicking that chest congestion to the curb? We will take some of that!

You can grab all my winter ditch and switch products below!

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