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Fall Wellness Tips

Fall is on its way!

September is a month of transition. One part of us is still in the summer days, while the other part is looking forward to cozy sweaters, crisp evenings, the leaves, the smells, the food, and so much more.

Fall is a season of harvest and of letting go, both at the same time. Finding gratitude for the abundant bounty around us and releasing all that is no longer serving.

Here are some ways to support your wellness during this transitional month:

+ Lean into a new seasonal routine- especially around self care.


  • Have oils on your bedside table, so it is the first thing you apply in the morning and last thing before bed.

  • Drink an 8 oz glass of water.

  • Store supplements by your coffee maker (or close to wherever you go first in the kitchen in the morning). Make it easily accessible.

+ Change up your meals. Roasting foods, root veggies, and warming spices all support your body.

+ Clean and purge. This is part of the letting go around the season. Make room for the calmer, quieter months ahead. (Check out these fall Thieves cleaner recipes!)

+ Change up the smell. Start shifting diffusing from the bright summery smells, to those with a bit more spice and feelings of comfort.

+ Lean into the emotions of the season. You may have some personal ‘letting go’ surfacing. (RC is an amazing oil for supporting the physical if your emotions are coming up in the lungs!)

+ Go for a sensory walk outside. Notice the sights, the sounds, the smells around you. This also helps with the nervous system, especially if those emotions are surfacing.

+ Be Grateful. Celebrate the harvest with gratitude.

My top 3 favorite essential oils for this transitional season:

+ Thieves (Immune support and full of those spices!)

+ Orange (boosts mood, cleanses and perfect paired with cinnamon)

+ Copaiba (relaxing to the nervous system and overall physical body)

What are some of your faves?

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