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How (and Why!) to Support your Lymphatic System

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Recently, a friend told me about a lymphatic challenge.

To begin, I knew that I loved cel-lite magic, and was interested in dry brushing but hadn’t started.

So, it seemed like the thing to do.

Especially because I occasionally did feel bloated, lethargic, and just a bit like things weren’t pumping as well as they could be.

Spoiler alert:: I'm a fan of the dry brush!

Here is what I am learning:

The lymph system doesn’t have its own pump (i.e. the heart or the circulatory system), so the best way to pump it? Movement! Like exercise. The contraction of the muscles helps with the lymph. Other ways? Jumping on a trampoline! They also make vibration plates that some people swear by, and dry brushing.

The dry brushing has now earned a new place in my routine. It feels SO GOOD! Albeit, at first I wasn’t sure I loved the “pain” of the brush against my skin. However, as I have done it more often it doesn’t feel painful anymore, and the spots that were sensitive are way better. I believe it is because there is better lymphatic circulation happening! I also LOVE the warmth, almost like a wave of heat energy, that moves through my entire body afterwards.

Emotionally, the lymphatic system echoes feelings of stagnancy. When the lymphatic system is stuck or clogged, we also often feel stuck or clogged emotionally. So, getting the lymph system moving again, you can also prepare to get your emotions flowing and moving, too. This is GOOD. When emotional energy gets clogged in the body, we begin to develop dis-ease. Moving the emotions is SO IMPORTANT! (Citrus Fresh and Rosemary are REALLY helpful for the physical lymph and emotions too!)

The group that ran was really informational and ended up having 30K people in it. That is a lot of people learning all about how to support their bodies and take ownership for their health.

The Lymph Support Basics

My Top Tips to Dry Brush with Ease

  • Stimulates the lymph system and encourages detox.

  • Removes dry dead skin.

  • Encourages circulation.

  • Start at feet, working your way up. Always working towards your heart.

  • Gentle medium pressure strokes are best. Hurts? Lighten up!

  • Shower afterwards and then moisturize that beautiful skin! (Cel-lite magic is perfect for this!)

5 Best Products for Supporting the Lymph System

It’s an oil based moisturizer that I love using after my shower. It has a citrus type smell that supports the body's natural detox systems. Breaks down the petrochemicals in the skin, helps flush fat and supports the reduction of inflammation in the body.

I added a whole bottle to my cel-lite magic and WOW! I will continue to always do this. Especially for my legs.

ALSO: Good for your skin, supporting lymph congestion, circulation, urinary system support, liver support, moving fluid in the body, and also supports emotional balance., including moving grief in the body.

YUM! That’s what I think when I smell this oil. It is a POWERHOUSE of citrus oils paired with spearmint. Refreshing and revitalizing. I applied this to my abdomen, back and armpits to support lymph movement. *do keep in mind it is sun sensitive so avoid sunlight for 24 hours on the areas you apply.

ALSO: Helps detox body, break down fat and support circulation. Filled with d-limonene (look it up!).

In the bath? I had my doubts, but I have officially changed my mind! It was so relaxing and releasing. Rosemary helps MOVE the lymphatic system, toxins in the body and stored emotions. Especially emotion from over thinking/stagnancy. It will be a go to for my detox baths from now on.

It’s not pictured, but an awesome supplement that has GREENS! Greens support the body- this is known. They help move stagnancy in the digestive system, which helps the detox process. So when we are detoxing and moving the lymph system, we also need to be moving the digestive system and liver. It all works together!

Why now?

SPRING & SUMMER energy supports MOVEMENT. Get your body moving; your lymph system moving. Which leads to action in your body and your life. Summer is the season of movement! It’s a great time to get this going and invest in your body. It’s more than trimming off a few pounds (which many people did do in the challenge!). It’s about creating a healthy environment (aka your human home- your BODY!) for you to live in and this can be done with intentional choices and easy to do daily habits.

Did you participate in the lymph challenge? How did it go? What habits will you continue?

Didn’t participate this time? No worries. I have heard there will be another round eventually! Otherwise, get the products and do your own! Feel free to ask me any questions!

Happy Summer!

*As a reminder- I’m not a doctor or practitioner. I am a human with a body, who wants to take ownership for my health by understanding and supporting this wonderful gift called life. I also love talking about whole lifestyle wellness, so that others may do the same. In the end, read, learn, ask questions, take ownership and try things out. In this together. <3

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