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Make a Shift

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

When is the last time you had a moment where you realized a choice you made years ago- really mattered? A moment that you could see come completely full circle? A real #makeashift moment.

This happened for me last month. We were in Utah, for convention week. This time my daughter was with. 9 years ago, July 2014, I started using essential oils from Young Living. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea what they each did. I had no idea what was behind the process.

I had no idea I could help others. I had no idea.

I just knew I wanted better options for my family. I knew I was determined to choose differently. I knew I wanted to get rid of products full of toxins in my home, in the air, on our skin and in our bodies. I knew I wanted quality. I knew that I wanted to make a conscious choice into a lifestyle that included wellness. I knew I was willing to learn. I knew I was willing to teach others. Was it going to be for everyone? Nope and that is okay. So, 9 years later and it’s what my kids know. It’s what they reach for when they need to support muscles, sleep, stress, hormones (hello, teenagers and periods!), and so much more. If the only reason I ever chose to use Young Living products and essential oils was for my family, it would have been a success. Instead, I also get the bonus of helping others, and so much more!

This video is SO powerful.

Years ago this was me- and maybe at some point this was you, too! Grateful. This is legacy.

What is your #makeashift moment? What is your reason for choosing true wellness?

What is ONE thing you could do to make a shift into wellness as we look forward to fall?


+ start taking ningxia every day for mood, energy, inflammation, gut health, immune support and general well being

+ start filling my diffuser every night with cedarwood and frankincense for deep sleep

+ make sure my kids take the new immugummies every day before school

I have the perfect easy-button for you to make a shift towards daily wellness for you all in a discounted kit. Click here to learn more about the make a shift kits!

If you're ready to make a shift and start your journey with Young Living, feel free to reach out to me or get started below.

Thank you for being here. With Love & Valor, Amanda

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