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New Young Living Loyalty Bundles!

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

It's easier than ever to get others started as Young Living Brand Partners, especially with the new Loyalty Rewards enrollment kits we're rolling out to add to our current lineup of starter kits. These brand-new kits help enrollees easily take advantage of Loyalty Rewards by adding this quick, easy, Loyalty Rewards-eligible item to their cart.

We're introducing the Premium Aroma Loyalty Bundle (wholesale $135 USD, PV 100), which includes top oils for whole-body and whole-home harmony, and the Thieves Home Loyalty Bundle (wholesale $160 USD, PV 100), which is a great introduction to our beloved Thieves lines.

Premium Aroma Loyalty Bundle

Start your wellness journey with this bundle of fan favorites! These oils are some of our most used and are so versatile. Use them to create a clean, cozy home, support your health daily, ditch toxins in your daily routine, and make your space smell and feel welcoming - all at the same time!!

The Premium Aroma Loyalty Bundle includes 5mL bottles of:

  • Thieves Vitality: our go-to for immune boosting!

  • Lavender: the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils - so versatile!

  • Peppermint: like a breath of fresh air.

  • Peace & Calming: does just what the name suggests!

  • Purification: the purifying oil!

  • Lemon Vitality: like sunshine in a bottle.

  • Stress Away: an instant beach vacation whenever you need it!

  • Vanilla oleoresin: feels like being enveloped in a warm hug.

Thieves Home Loyalty Bundle

Cultivate a happy, healthy home with this bundle of green home favorites! These products are some of our most used and are such a huge jump start on a low-tox home. This is your easy button when it comes to all natural, plant-based cleaning. Plus all these favorites are all infused with the beloved Thieves essential oil blend, so they not only kick the ick, they smell amazing!

The Thieves Home Loyalty Bundle contains:

  • Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

  • Thieves Dish Soap

  • Thieves Household Cleaner

  • Amber glass spray bottle, 16oz

  • Thieves Kitchen & Bath Scrub

  • Thieves Laundry Soap

  • Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak

  • Thieves Essential Oil, 15mL

  • Lemon Essential Oil, 15mL

Both bundles are eligible from the time of enrollment for Loyalty Rewards, and earn the enroller a $25 enrollment bonus.

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