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Spring Cleaning

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

With spring comes the opportunity to refresh. We have been in the slumber of winter and we are ready for the freshness and newness that spring brings.

This includes cleaning out the cobwebs.

I am eagerly looking forward to opening the windows of our home and letting that fresh air move the winter stagnancy. Spring cleaning is also a good time for supporting the mind, emotions, spirit and body, too! Here are a few tips for each category to get you jump started!

Cleaning for HOME:

Thieves Cleaner is our amazing chemical-free cleaner concentrate. With just one bottle you can make a ton of recipes to clean your entire home! Click here to download my cheat sheet of Thieves Cleaner recipes.

Cleaning the air is also important to get rid of any odors or unwanted energy. Purification, Sage and Palo Santo are some of my favorites.

Cleaning for MIND:

Now is the time to let go of old stories, patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving your greatest good.

Ask yourself:

What are my thoughts/story/beliefs/perceptions that need to be revisited?

What is no longer working?

What self limiting beliefs are surfacing?

These questions may stir up emotions...

Cleaning for EMOTIONS:

Spring brings a lot of new energy which coincides with stored emotions moving through the body- they are awakening. As these emotions move, it can feel like we are being stretched. A few ways to support moving these emotions include: Breathing. Literally stretching the body to encourage the movement of the emotion. Inhaling your favorite oils. (Release. Grounding. Breathe Again. Stress Away. Lemon.) Slowing down to recognize the emotion surfacing and allowing it to move.

Cleaning for SPIRIT:

As you awake out of the winter slumber, it's a fabulous time to re-connect. We are clearing out all of the cobwebs and making space. It's a good time to look at and create new habits for spiritual wellness- daily. (Not just Sunday morning church.) Things you may want to incorporate: Daily grounding- getting outside in nature. Intentional no phone/screen time for more presence.

Daily prayer/meditation practice.



Cleaning for BODY:

Spring is also a wonderful time for clearing out the body. A few easy things we can do in the spring to support our body are:

Upping water intake.

Looking at supplements and creating a commitment.

Incorporating foods for liver support. Doing a cleanse if that feels aligned.

Asking your body, what foods feel nourishing and supportive right now?

Download the Spring Cleaning Cheat Sheet:

Download PDF • 1.09MB

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