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Spring Cleaning Tips

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Spring! It’s here. Do you feel it? I can see it - smell it- hear it - and feel it in my body. The renewal and the re-birth, after what feels like months of slumber.

It wasn’t complete slumber. I found some beautiful foundation in the winter months. Especially around creating and maintaining the small habits. The habits that feel good to my mind, body and soul. The habits that I carry with me as I step into the action that spring brings.

Wait- those New Year’s resolutions didn’t quite stick? That’s totally okay and you are in great company. The fresh energy brings beautiful timing for creating and committing to a new habit, a new belief, a new perspective or a new project. (Oil suggestions: motivation, purification, lemon, transformation) What are you creating?

With this newness I’m focusing on cleaning! Getting rid of things that are no longer aligned. Moving furniture. Cleaning cabinets and closets. Room by room. (Have I mentioned lately how much I love thieves cleaner? One bottle that is superior at multitasking plus it smells delicious!)

Below is a list of things to help you consider what to get rid of different categories: home toxins, collections and things that have accumulated or piled up, and questions to ask yourself.


1. Items you won't use anymore.

2. Clothes you don't like or haven't used in a while.

3. Bad things.

4. Broken Things.

5. Old cards and notes.

6. Dead or diseased plants.

7. Old Receipts, Newspapers and Magazines.

8. Old underwear, and clothes with holes.

9. Damaged shoes.

10. Things of all kinds that call to the past.

11. Chemicals


a. In the basement and on the roof, the accumulations are overloading

b. At the entrance, they restrict the flow of life.

c. On the floor, they pull us down.

d. Above us, they are headaches.

e. In bed, they pollute sleep.

f. Scattered around the house, overload of emotions.


1. Health improves.

2. Creativity grows.

3. Relationships get better.

4. There is greater reasoning ability.

5. Mood improves.

6. Raise frequency


- Why am I saving them?

- Is it about me today?

- How will it feel when I release it?


1. To contribute.

2. To garbage.

3. To sell.


1. Avoid extreme noises

2. Less bright lights.

3. Less saturated colors.

4. Less chemical odors.

5. Fewer sad memories.

6. Finish unfinished projects.

7. Cultivate positive energy in your home.


+ Do a general cleaning and use organizational boxes. Start with drawers and cabinets and complete each piece, do everything in rhythm:

a) Garbage.

b). Collection.

c). Recycling.

d). Doubt.

e). Gifts.

f). Donation.

g). Sell.

+ While you are cleaning, notice the changes in you. And remember that as we clean our physical house, we also put our mind and heart in order.

+ Practice distancing yourself from material things that only fill your space and you will see how slowly you will be able to do the same with more transcendent situations in your life.

+ Substitute cleaning supplies like bleaches, detergents, sprays, windex, etc. Check out my Guide to A Truly Clean Home for more info on what to ditch and switch!

Click below for my green cleaning supplies that have no toxic chemicals and raise frequency!

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