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Supporting your Hormones with Natural Supplements

On top of all the pressures and stressors of everyday life, so many people (both women and men!) are often faced with the physical, mental and emotional effects of hormonal imbalance. And there are so many natural ways that we can support this system – topical serums, creams, and blends as well as herbal and oil-infused supplements! Here are of my favorite supplements for your hormones.


  • EndoFlex Essential Oil Blend

  • Progessence Plus Serum (women) and Shutran oil blend (men)

  • EndoGize and Femigen capsules (women)

  • PowerGize capsules (both men and women)

  • Thyromin

For women, hormonal imbalances manifest primarily in the levels of two hormones in particular: estrogen and progesterone. Irregular menstrual cycles, pelvic pain and uterine fibroids are just a few of the symptoms that can occur when the balance of these two hormones is off. Statistics show that 80 percent of women suffer from hormonal imbalance.

Symptoms such as these have become common and many believe they are unavoidable:

  • Irregular menstrual cycles

  • Infertility

  • Hot flashes and night sweats

  • Persistent weight gain

  • Hair loss

  • Pelvic pain

  • Fatigue

  • Cold hands and feet

  • PMS

  • Heavy menstrual periods

  • And many more

The good news? We have solutions.

While yes, our hormones are intricate and complex, there are simple steps we can take to make changes that begin creating the life we want instead of being constantly at the mercy of these out of balance fluctuations. If 80% of women and a rapidly growing number of men are experiencing these effects, there are many people you know who are ready for answers.


Say hello to the personal trainer for your endocrine system! Healthy thyroid function, hormone balance, healthy metabolism, and adrenal health – this oil blend will help all of these pieces of your puzzle come together the way that a personal trainer helps you work towards better fitness at the gym.

This blend is often very beneficial for teens and kids who are developing hormonally. Today's habits put early strain on these areas of their health!

EndoFlex is a blend of:

  • Spearmint: A rocket pack for your metabolism, support for your nervous system; helps bring balance overall

  • Sage: Commonly used for purification and release of the negativity that wears us down from the inside.

  • Geranium: Daily TLC for overall hormone balance pulse the liver and pancreas

  • Myrtle: You say "Thyroid?" I say, "Myrtle!" Pair them together and watch the beautiful friendship begin.

  • German Chamomile: Calming to your system and especially supportive of healthy liver function.

  • Nutmeg: HERE is your adrenal support. Like a car that can't shift into the next gear, with our adrenals worn out, we will sputter and find no oomph to continue moving forward.

Apply this blend to the front of the throat (thyroid), lower back (adrenals) morning and evening. You can also add a few drops to an empty capsule and use it as a dietary supplement. This one is great for both men and women!


EndoGize is The Power Hitter for women's hormones. This supplement is powered by essential oils, minerals, and herbs, including ashwagandha root – a well known herb for hormone balance and stress reduction.

EndoGize also contains DHEA, a hormone precursor for estrogen and testosterone, DHEA is naturally made in the body, but levels decline as we age. These ingredients work synergistically to create a formula that supports a healthy endocrine system for women


Almost all women are deficient in progesterone, so Progessence Plus is our BFF. It is a pure progesterone serum from wild yam that is infused with Sacred Frankincense essential oil. This serum easily absorbs into the skin and also contains the nourishing oils Copaiba, Cedarwood, Bergamot, Peppermint, and Clove giving it many added benefits for supporting and stabilizing mood.

Fun bonus: Clinical studies are also showing that essential oils can enhance the ability of natural hormones to penetrate the skin, allowing us even more benefit. This way we quickly get our new progesterone on its way to that estrogen that's been left hanging.

  • Apply 3-5 drops of this serum to the forearms, front of the throat or to the inner thighs daily.


FemiGen is a twice-daily supplement that combines whole-food herbs including wild yam, damiana, and dong quai with synergistic amino acids, and clary sage, fennel, ylang ylang, and sage essential oils.

FemiGen specifically supports the female reproductive system through estrogen balance and helps maintain and nourish the reproductive system from development through menopause.


Give your adrenals a power up with PowerGize! This supplement is appropriate for both women and men, but it is a cornerstone for men needing hormone support! PowerGize contains some wonderful herbs and essential oils to give your adrenals (and entire endocrine system) a boost.

PowerGize combines herbs with Blue Spruce, Goldenrod, and Cassia essential oils to help individuals of all ages boost stamina and performance. One of the key ingredients of this supplement is the ashwagandha root extract. Ashwagandha is an ancient herb that works as an adaptogen, helping your body manage stress and giving the adrenals the rest they need.

This incredible supplement also includes Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Zinc as well as Fenugreek to nourish the adrenals and overall endocrine system. This is also a great option for men to help with exercise performance and healthy testosterone levels (all because of the good old endocrine system!).


We can't talk about hormones without mentioning the thyroid. While almost all women need support in this area, it is not an issue that is exclusive to women! Men can use Thyromin as well.

Thyromin contains porcine glandular extracts, herbs, amino acids, minerals, and essential oils that work together in a perfectly balanced formula to maximize nutritional support for healthy thyroid function. It's like a little pampering session for this crucial area of your health every time you pop that supplement! This support tool can lead you to a sane body, mind, and emotions we're all wanting (and needing!).

If you're not sure where to start with hormone support, we recommend Progessence Plus for women and Shutran for men. Adding EndoFlex on top of that is a great baseline, and from there you can add supplements that meet your individual needs!

Want to try some of these supplements for yourself? Click below for my wishlist of faves:

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions on what supplements would be right for you!

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