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Why I Joined Young Living

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Today, I'd like to talk a bit about why many people got started with oils in the first place - wanting to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle! I am passionate about replacing toxic, chemical laden items in my home and replacing them with safe, natural AND effective options!

Let's talk a little about why a lot of our personal care products and traditional store bought cleaners are so scary:

In 1976, Congress passed the Toxic Substance Control Act which grandfathered in between 63,000 - 100,000 chemicals that were on the market. These chemicals were grandfathered in, without any testing, and are simply unregulated. Today, only about 50% of the chemicals on the market have been subject to any chemical testing at all. Under this act, manufacturers are protected by trade secret laws, so that they do not even have to post what ingredients are in their products. If you go look at a bottle of household cleaner, you may be surprised to see that they only list a small percentage of the ingredients in the bottle.

There are so many ingredients to be aware of due to cancer-causing properties: Alcohol, Aluminum, DEA/TEA, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, TALC, Parabens and more. These are found in so many common household products and should be avoided as much as possible for more healthful alternatives.

Fun (or not so fun) Fact: It takes only 26 seconds from the time something comes in contact with our skin, until traces of it can be found in every organ of our body.



  • AIR FRESHENERS (sprays, plug-ins or candles)

  • CHEMICAL CLEANING SUPPLIES (drain & oven cleaners, furniture polish, dishwasher & dish soap)

  • BEAUTY SUPPLIES AND PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS (hairspray, gel, soap, shampoo & deodorant)


Little by little, I have been purging my own home of these toxic products and have been replacing them with homemade items using safe, natural ingredients and essential oils. Here are some of my favorite recipes using Thieves Household Cleaner.

If the DIY thing isn't your jam, Young Living has all kinds of ready made products that you can grab! Check out some of our ditch and switch favorites:

Do you have toxic products lurking in your home? If you aren't sure whether a product is safe for you and your family, I highly recommend downloading the free app called THINK DIRTY. It will allow you to scan the barcodes of your household products and will rate them from a 0 to 10 - 10 being the most "dirty" & toxic for you.

Warning: you may start scanning EVERYTHING! ;) You can check it out HERE.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need help getting started with switching out some of your products!

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