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6 Essential Oils for Every Empath

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Have you ever walked into a room and felt it? Maybe it felt like joy or maybe it felt heavy?

Have you ever been talking to someone and began getting a headache, and moments later they tell you how they have a headache?

Are animals and babies naturally drawn to you? Do you have random people stop to chat with you, and they often tell you their entire story? Do you often just know when someone is telling the truth, or not? Have you ever been with people and left feeling overwhelmed and wondering if the emotions you are feeling are actually yours? If you answered yes to multiple of these you may be an empath. Or rather empathic. Meaning highly sensitive to the emotions and energy of the world around you. Sometimes, it is referred to as HSP. Which is similar in some ways and different in others. For the sake of this post, we are going to put them in the same category, because they both need support with wellness.

Years ago, I came across this term and realized it was ME. All of a sudden, so much about myself made sense, and it gave me the opportunity to really truly identify my sensitivities and support my wellness more effectively.

The Importance of Wellness for Empaths

Why is wellness important for the empath? When you are highly sensitive, more than likely you are highly sensitive in A LOT of areas in your life. Sounds, texture, light, toxins, violence, caffeine and so much more has an effect on empaths. This is OKAY. With this knowledge you can begin to make decisions on what is and isn’t in alignment for you in your life. This is an opportunity to take personal responsibility for what you allow in and choose.

Essential Oils: A Powerful Tool for Empaths

For empaths operating in this, often intense, world, one amazing tool that I always have with me are essential oils. I regularly use them for supporting my emotions, and the emotions of others that I often feel intensely.

Why Essential oils?

Essential oils are an incredible gift that come straight from the plants on this earth (quality oils do!). They work alongside of your body, mind, energy and spirit to support you in your human experience. This is especially important for the highly sensitive human being.

Must-have Essential Oils for Empaths:

Here is a quick list of my empath must-have oils:

  • White Angelica- Cleanse and clear your energy and emotions. Use to claim ownership of your field and invite in a warm, divinely gentle feeling.

  • Northern Lights Black Spruce- Grounding and balancing. Supports releasing blocks to create connection.

  • Peppermint- Refreshing and cleansing. Uplifts and refocuses, to support a shift from mental to intuitive awareness.

  • Valor- Confidence. Soothe and calms while helping support standing in your own soveriegn energy.

  • Bergamot- Flow and ease. Opens the heart to invite in feelings of trust and love.

  • Release- Balances emotions and supports movement of emotions, no longer serving, that are stored in the body.

A few bonus oils:

Keep in mind that quality matters! ESPECIALLY for the empath and their highly attuned body’s and nervous system. There is a reason I only choose and use Young Living essential oils. Want to learn more about why? Go HERE.

Want to learn more about these oils and shop my Empath Tool Kit? Click below:

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