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Tips for the Summer Heat

Happy Summer! Everything is heating up. Summer is often related to the energy of fire. This brings about movement, creativity, passion, expansion and FUN! The days when we are in full movement, action, and opportunity.

It’s a great time for:

  • bringing those spring plans into action 

  • going on an adventure 

  • trying your hand (and heart) at creating something new

With all of that fire, here are some of my favorite ways to balance the heat:

  • Get outside in early morning or late evening

  • .Rest midday when it is hot

  • .Cooling, lighter foods. Watermelon, cucumber, light crisp salads.

  • Going for a splash in water.

  • Gently move the body.

  • Peppermint on the back of the neck to cool down.

  • Laughter and being with people who bring that out.

  • HYDRATE!  (I LOVE incorporating minerals, amino acids and electrolytes to help with this in THIS drink. Every. single. day.)

When out of balance- we become constricted. We hold all of that fire within and it may show up as:

  • feeling agitated or even explosive

  • digestive issues

  • rashes and irritation

  • sluggishness

  • exhaustion

(It’s okay to be “out of balance”, as we are human. I use these indicators as a way to personally support myself. So, if I’m feeling “constriction” I can honor that and revisit the ways to support.)

My Young Living summer must haves:

Peppermint eo- so cooling and refreshing. I apply to the base of my skull (or for the brave- in the armpits). I also love adding a drop to lemon water.

Lavaderm after-sun spray- this spray is a MUST for after sun exposure. It cools down the skin and gives a slight tingly sensation.

Vitality drops- a quick way to add electrolytes to your water with minerals sourced from the Great Salt Lake in UT. (I love the jade lemon berry!)

Click below to grab these must-haves!

What fun summer activities do you have planned?

Wishing you a fun and safe summer!

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